DreamAPI is an unofficial third-party API service built by NoteToServices for developers using DreamHost DreamObjects to make handling the tasks between DreamObjects and your web apps easier. If you have not heard of DreamObjects, it is secure cloud hosting powered by open source storage software CEPH and is S3-compatible and fully scalable storage for use with your websites. Read more about DreamObjects Cloud Storage Service (article contains outdated pricing)

Tip: Setting the hostname
Use a CDN service like Cloudflare to set the DNS record and force SSL.
Name your bucket cdn.site.com
Set the CNAME record to Name: cdn.site.com Value: cdn.site.com.objects-us-east-1.dream.io
Service hostname cdn.mysite.com/file.jpg (example: http://cdn.dreamapi.link/dreamhost.png)

Get Started

Sign up for an account at DreamHost!


  • Select your DreamObjects plan
  • Add a new user
  • Add a bucket
  • Add a key


  • Connect DreamAPI with DreamHost DreamObjects API by entering in your credentials including your key and secret key.